Friday, May 25, 2007

Befriending straight males

The first pic was taken some years ago during a Long Yang Club-Manila activity. I was drunk then. The second pic was taken a couple of months ago in Maikol's new rented house.

I have known Maikol for at least four years and it was not a perfect relationship with him but I can say it is one of the more productive ones. I, myself, am surprised that Maikol is the only friend I have in the Philippines who have consistently stayed in touch with me. I actually expected this from my gay friends but it is Maikol who was there.

It has been difficult for me to form real friendships here in Bangkok and I think it is because I may be limiting myself too much. I think it is about time again that I should give straight men a try. It is an ideal environment: clean slate with no sexual tension. There is no hidden agenda. There is no risk of stealing each other's hook ups.

I wonder if the straight men here in Bangkok are open though. I have yet to see a real mixed-sexual preference friendship here.

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