Sunday, April 20, 2008

Super Dexy

I was in the locker room of the gym tonight when I saw one of my gym buddies. He is a handsome and athletic American of Fijian-Indian parentage and he is 40 years old. I told him he is getting old and he dared me to have a running match with him on the treadmill. I accepted.

After 20 minutes...

Fijian: How are you?

Me: Oh I am sorry I fell asleep (while running on the treadmill)!

Fijian: Another 20 minutes?

After another 20 minutes...

Fijian: Another 20 minutes?

Me: Jesus, sure!

After 3 minutes, he stopped...

Fijian: (panting) I think you need more exercise. You are young and fat.

He walked away while I increased the speed of my treadmill.


Peter said...

In ten years time, you'll only be able to do 23 minutes on the treadmill. As well, you will no longer be young and fat - all that treadmill exercise I suppose lols

Dexter Mejia said...

I usually do not run while I am on the treadmill. I only jog because I know it is not good for the knees and ankles.

I am actually heatlhier now than when I was a teenager. I think I am getting fitter and fitter.

In time, I will not only be Super Dexy but Bionic Dexy.