Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Songkran 2008 Laundry

These are my favorite short pants. They have been with me in three different countries already. They are now caked and dirty but I am sure they will still serve me well for a few more years.

Songkran is now over. I have already given away my water pistol as I might not be here anymore next year. My tired body almost gave up after sleeping for only 5 hours for each of the three consecutive nights. I have already gotten rid of the condom that protected my mobile phone.

I met a few new people but nobody came to my bed. Damn, I miss being with a man. I wish I were splashed by something aside from water.

1 comment:

David said...

DEX! You are SO naughty! Saying you want to be splashed with something other than water! HEHE. Of course, you know I am like an old, married lady so I think everything is naughty! HEHE. Hope you are well. Talk to you soon.