Thursday, April 24, 2008

Maxis Bar Opening

Kerry (a good friend from Adelaide) introduced me to his longtime friend John Douglas who opened a new bar last night. It is located on Soi Twilight or Soi Pratuchai of Surawong Road.

It rained earlier so I decided to tone down my dress significantly. That means wearing a singlet, shorts and a pair of sandals. I noticed that I was terribly underdressed. Almost everyone was wearing their best and I looked like a slob with a camera as big as his head.

All of the guests did not want to have their picture taken by me but I cannot blame them. Possibly, I look like someone who is going to frame them by posting their pictures on gay websites or pasting celebrities' faces on their bodies.

All of the guests except one. I did not notice this until I left the place and viewed all the pics I took. One handsome Caucasian guy around my age was actually looking at me and smiling at me in one of the photos. I wanted it to be a stolen photo of the guests but it turned out he was staring at me.

I have to find out who this guy is so I have to talk to John Douglas about it. By the way, the email address of the bar is The website is not working yet.

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rhondda said...

Dear Dexter
Please accept my apologies for using your photograph of Maxies opening night and wrongly attributing it to the bar itself. The image was taken from Google Images. I am sorry to have caused you some unintentional distress.

You can see the amended article on the following link: