Friday, March 30, 2007

Shopping in Manila

Cebu Pacific allows 20 kilos of luggage only but I exceeded it to 31 kilos on my flight back to Bangkok. I paid 3300 pesos for it and most of my luggage is my DVD collection. Here is a picture.

Actually, I wanted to write about shopping in Bangkok and shopping in Manila. I wanted to know if Filipino salespeople can handle a person who can only speak and understand English. I was not able to do this at DVD stores because they know my face (I am a DVD addict). I was able to do this experiment when I was looking for a new cellphone and speakers for my family's desktop computer.

I spoke English only and the salespeople were not surprised. Most of them replied in English and only one replied to me in Tagalog (but she did understand what I was talking about).

In Bangkok, salespeople would just stare at me and then look for an interpreter. Most of them (including the ones working in Siam Paragon, the most expensive mall in Thailand) do not have an idea what I am talking about.

Most of the salespeople in Manila do not have university degrees. They have high school diplomas only and yet they can speak quite fluently. I honestly thought that Filipino salespeople will disappoint me before this experiment. I am really proud of our English language proficiency.

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