Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Mall of Asia

I think SM Mall of Asia is the biggest mall in South East Asia. The mall itself is at least three times as large as Bangkok's Siam Paragon. But it is not finished yet and the whole area is at least 8 times the area of the Thai mall. It makes you wonder why Siam Paragon is advertised as being the biggest in the region.

There are tons of nice structures built all over the complex. Here is the biggest:

This is another one featuring a native game called "Luksong Tinik":

It is hard to capture the immensity of this place but one amazing thing about this mall is it stands on a reclaimed area so it has an amazing view of Manila Bay. I just hope that this structure won't sink like the others:

Here is a Thai restaurant:

Here are pics of the interiors:

I have a 360 degree video of the place. Just email me if you want to see it.

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