Thursday, March 8, 2007

Correcting myself: on white expats in Bangkok

I just came from a date with Mr. SA with whom I have a big crush on. He is leaving tomorrow to his home country. He invited me to spend some time with him. Mr. SA goes to the same internet cafe where I go and we always talk there whenever we see each other. I thought that we would have sex on this date.

But we never did and it was fine. All this time I was bitching that Caucasians only see me as a prey but here is one guy right under my nose who probably see me as an equal. He told me more about himself than I expected. I got a raging hard on but it did not matter. Here is one Caucasian who feels very comfortable with me.

This encounter is very unique. I won't forget my day with Mr. SA and I hope to see him again very soon.

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