Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Brokeback Mountain (DVD)

I watched this movie when it was released in the theaters. I did like it but not that much. Thanks to technology, I was able to watch this movie again and appreciate it in a way I did not.

It is indeed a love story and thanks to the subtitles, I am now able to understand what Heath is saying. The sense of loss is very powerful and it perpetuates throughout the movie. It is a good movie but I just wonder when will Hollywood release a story with two men falling in love and having a happy ending. With straight stories, it is usually a happy ending.

The performances are very good. The two main actors are convincing but Michelle Williams and Valerie Planche are also very good.

The documentaries are nice but you cannot expect much because this is the single-disc release. I know that there is a 2-disc edition in the US right now.

I think this is very nice to add in my collection.

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