Wednesday, March 21, 2007

300 (movie)

I really do not understand why some critics say it resembles gay porn. They must be having a hard on while watching this movie. I am so gay and yet I cannot find the images sexually arousing. I must say though that they are fine-looking lads.

I am surprised to see some familiar actors beefed up for this movie. They must have consumed tons of protein supplements. But then of course, everything is enhanced by makeup as well.

It is not only the men that are visually arresting but the cinematography as well. Every scene is breath taking. I must say that this is even better than "Sin City" although these two films should not be compared.

All of the actors are impressive especially Vincent Regan as the warrior-father. He is so intense in the last part of the movie.

Hmmm now I remember that butt shot. How I wish there were more light.

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