Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Witnesses (movie)

Emanuelle Beart is really stunning even if her beauty is toned down for this picture. I do not know if those boobs were real though. They look too perfect.

I am sorry but I cannot help but notice that there are nice butt exposures in this movie. The lead actor has a very plump and smooth butt while the American has a very hairy but shapely butt.

I actually did not know that there are gay characters in this movie. And up to now, I do not know why some people are still making a movie about the HIV/AIDS break out in the 80s. Maybe it is a reminder that it is still a problem.

All the actors are good but Emanuelle Beart and Johan Libéreau are just mersmerizing to watch. They are both very beautiful but Johan Libéreau transformation is convincing but he is still hot even with the KS make up on.

I am not really sure if this is a movie to miss because it really does not present something new.

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