Thursday, October 4, 2007

Harry Potter & The Sorcerer's Stone (2-disc DVD full screen)

For the record, I have already read Harry Potter 1-6 so please do not tell me anything about book 7. One of my correspondents did and he already had a taste of my fit.

This is my first to watch this movie in its entirety and it is not really that amazing. It stays faithful to the book but it did not try to be better than the book. This is actually the simplest of all the books and yet it did nothing to elevate the characters or the story to a more memorable level.

I have the full-screen version so I cannot say anything about the cinematography. The Quidditch game is not that spectacular in parts where the players are obviously CGI. There are tons of them. The closeups work well though.

The extras are cute but I wish they had interviews and audition clips of the kids. Perhaps, they would put it in a later release. I wonder when will I be able to afford an HD DVD player.

For fans, it is interesting to watch. Do not look for anything different though.

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