Friday, October 12, 2007

Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban (2-disc DVD)

I cannot believe that this Harry Potter movie is directed by the same person who did the steamy "Y Tu Mama Tambien". This installment is a lot better than the first two because it is tight and the foreshadowings and story layers are done discreetly and effectively. The clocks give you a hint of what Hermione is up to. The crows are there to signify death when the Dementors are absent.

I really do not like the kid actors but the supporting actors are very effective. Gary Oldman is the best and hardly recognizable from the makeup and his bodily movement. Alan Rickman is still despicable as the Severus can be in the book.

The digital effects are much more effective in this one. The Dementors are scarey and the Quidditch game really looks exciting.

The second disc is packed with very funny interviews. At last, the actors are not wearing costumes or makeup. One of the Slytherin boys actually looks handsome. I think his name is Crabbe. The tours now include characters from the film like Lupin and the Weasley twins.

I will get the DVD of Goblet of Fire and Order of Phoenix when I get back to Manila this December.

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