Friday, October 19, 2007

Thailand: Destination for Pedophiles?

After hearing the news that Christopher Paul Neil is hiding in Thailand (now captured), it seems this country is a haven for pedophiles. John Mark Carr, the American who claimed to have killed a child beauty queen, worked here. And at the same time, I have heard so many stories from Caucasian expats (and some directly from the horses' mouths) meeting their boyfriends when the latter were still below the legal age.

I live in the meat-packing district. My apartment building is only a minute-walk away from a bar that showcases Thai teenagers. You can find them clothed in white bikinis with numbers on their front. Obviously, there is a thriving sex industry here.

Question is: Is there a healthy industry for pedophilia here as well?

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Mike Fook said...

Like you, I live in Thailand. I don't see that many pedophiles here - but yes, I've seen some. Glad they caught this guy. But what they do with them afterwards is never what I would have done to them. I wrote a book about pedophiles in Patong Beach - a vigilante thriller. Very tough to get published with the topic of pedophilia - even though the book is completely ANTI-pedophilia. Such a hot topic that nobody will touch it. Go figure. LOS Tots Network: Secret crimes? Secret retribution.