Tuesday, October 9, 2007

For Vanilla People

I am always bold in my blog so I am going to take a risk. I am into sadomasochism as much as I am into vanilla and I am proud of it. I cannot be ashamed of this because it is fun and my sessions are done with consent.

I am writing this out of frustration. Gay men from all countries experience prejudice and I thought that we would be more sensitive to other minorities but I guessed it wrong. I have received so many negative reactions from gay men when they hear my less than usual interests. Many have winced. Some have refused to talk to me. Others even badmouth me.

Here are some facts:

1) We are sane.
We are just like you or any vanilla guys out there. Being into this does not mean that we had a very violent childhood or violent relationships.

2) We do it with consent.
S&M does not translate to rape. We do not force anyone to be into it. We might actually spend more time getting the trust of our sex partners than vanilla men.

3) We do it as safely as any other person.
We use latex when we insert any part of our body to our partner. Some people may not do it but then there are stupid S&M people as there are stupid vanilla people.

4) We are not drug dependents.
I admit that some of us use recreational drugs but like any other forms of having fun, we do not need it. It is possible to have S&M fun without the use of drugs.

I know I will not change the gay world with this article but I just hope I changed one or two people here. The next time you meet someone who is into this, pat him on the butt, "I am not into it but I I am sure you are having a lot of fun."

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