Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Going to Oz 2

First of all, I have to say that the Thai client service officer I met is very patient and nice. I guess she just wants me to get the visa. I went there and she saw the documents I presented and she thought it would be better if I submit my work permit and my contract as well.

Unfortunately, I just finished my old contract so my first contract was not finished yet so I had to ask my company's country manager to fax it to the Australian Embassy. In addition, our company's secretary has yet to claim my work permit next Monday, November 5.

This means the embassy won't begin processing my application until they get the work permit. And the service officer said that it would take them two weeks to do it. Aaaaah! I just hope I would still get a cheap plane ticket then!

And I have not even mentioned the security procedures yet. Each section of the embassy has a security check and I was not allowed to bring my mobile phone so I had to run to the entrance gates to call my employer and ask him to fax the other documents. Then I had to run back to the immigration office to relay the information.

All in all, this will take longer than my vacation. It makes me wonder what kind of visa I will get if ever they give me one.

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