Sunday, January 29, 2012

Night fishing in Wallaroo and Moonta Bay

It is the start of the new year but work has not really kicked off just yet because of Australia Day. We have too much time so we decided on going to Moonta Bay and Wallaroo for a day.

The water was warm in Moonta Bay so I was tempted to swim eventhough I did not have my swimming costume. I dug my hands in the sand and found clams that are similar to the ones my family love eating in the Philippines. Steven discouraged me from popping them in my mouth because they were undersized. I am not sure what I would have done if he weren't looking.

We felt that Wallaroo would be a better fishing spot and we were not mistaken. Steven caught around 7 useless Trumpeters and a couple of Tommy Ruffs. I caught one Trumpeter--shameful but we were surrounded by worse amateurs.

Steven was scoring big time until we saw a group of dolphins. They are cute to look at but they are a guaranteed way to scare off the fish.

It was very dark when we finished and I tried my best to keep Steven company but I could not. My eyelids were just too heavy and I dreamt of having more trips like this with Steven.

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