Sunday, February 5, 2012

Steven's trains

My partner Steven has an expensive collection of Thomas & Friends trains. They occupy one room of our apartment and will probably occupy a bigger one for a proper layout when we get a proper house.

I am into photography and our faces are plastered all over our walls. I have photographed Steven so many times that I think he has already figured out his flattering poses and sides.

One aspect of this media I have explored lately is "toy photography". It is simply placing toys as if they are interacting with the environment. Steven would kill me if I called his collection toys so I am going to label this entry as "model train photography" instead.

So we took our bikes to an abandoned train station in Angaston. This place is neither operational nor maintained properly so I am afraid it will get torn down in the future.

With this entry, I am hoping that the Angaston train station can be one of the highlights of Barossa Valley tourism. 

I will probably take similar photos in the next few weeks because I think I can make better shots. This was my first time anyway.
Toad and Oliver

Scruffey, Toad and Oliver