Monday, February 27, 2012

Levitating portrait, levitating camera and a re-edit

With the harsh sun bearing down, it has been difficult taking photos. Light and shadows are way too harsh to create balanced photos. It has also been too hot to ride my bike and find things to capture.

So I went back to levitation and experiment on future projects. I am not sure what the final photos will be but at least, I am trying a new technique. Here is one that I took outside of our apartment building.

I was inspired by the camera work of a current movie, Chronicle and here I am with a flying camera. I do not possess supernatural powers but I can position my body to give a different perspective.

I also found an old RAW photo of Steven so I decided to re-edit and print it. This one is now on our wall.

I hope inspiration and a milder sun find me soon.


Justin said...

love the new technique. The photo of Stephen is super...model

Dexter Mejia said...

thanks justin! Steven is indeed a handsome subject