Monday, February 20, 2012

Black berry picking and sadomasochism

The blackberry bush has needle-sharp thorns that curves inwards. It is designed so that if animals (like a Filipino gay guy and his Australian partner) get caught, they would not be able to get out. They would be dragged towards the bush and die so that in a few weeks, their bodies will serve as fertilizers.

I am not exxagerating about that. Blackberry picking is painful!
I dragged Steven to the Adelaide hills to pick blackberries growing wild by the side of the road. One can see the gnarly vines reaching the cars, the skies and other bushes. These vines are tipped with glistening black globules that are very sweet. People eat them fresh or frozen and some even make jams and pies with them.

But is it worth the trouble?
Steven and I had to stop when we had enough of the thorns embedded in our feet, legs, arms and fingers. It is even hard to distinguish if the juice in our hands is coming from the fruit or from our bodies (blood!).

But then I think all the pain will disappear as I stain my teeth with these delightful gems.

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