Sunday, January 8, 2012

Cheap light diffuser

Pixco flash diffuser
I am still on the search for the best cheap light diffuser around. Over a month ago, I purchased a light diffuser from ebay (Pixco) and it took several weeks for it to arrive here because of the Christmas rush.

Pixco light diffuser is a little over 2 AUD only but the construction is quite good. The front is made of translucent plastic and the back has a cardboard in it. I am not sure if it is good in softening the flash and it seems the DIY light diffuser made of business card that I constructed a while back seems to produce flattering results with natural-looking shadows.

I took two photos of each setup using no other light source in the room and the other one using the incadescent light  in the room. None of these photos were altered in any way.

Here are the sample photos:
bare pop-up flash

bare pop-up flash with incadescent light

business card diffuser

business card diffuser with incandescent light

Pixco diffuser

Pixco diffuser with incandescent light

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