Sunday, January 1, 2012

Light Creatures of 2012

Dec/Jan holidays are very subdued in Australia as most retailers are shut on the days people want to go out. Business culture here is still very conservative as it struggles to comprehend capitalism.

Fireworks are the highlights of the celebration in Adelaide so we decided to have a look and practice on my night photography. It was my first try to take photos of very dynamic soures of light so I struggled a great deal. 

I went to two displays at different times. We positioned ourselves at Windy Point at 9:30 for the first attempt. Then we laid our picnic mat on Montefiore Hill.

Along the way, we saw a lot of drunk men and women (mainly Caucasian) being silly on the street. There were lots of shouting and bottle-displaying despite the fact that alcohol drinking is not allowed in public. 
taken from Windy Point

Fireworks here were not grand but they were dramatic. But it was hard for anyone to guess where the best spot was so as soon as the show started, people (including myself, my camera and my tripod) kept on walking left and right to avoid being blocked by trees.

Professionally, 2011 was very challenging as I struggled to comprehend unfair work conditions. But I am more confident now on what I am doing. Hopefully, this confidence and perseverance will pay off in 2012.

"You are missing the fireworks"

a ball of fire

aerial urchins
Artistically, I think I bloomed. I have learned a lot in digital photography and have found the genres (landscape and nature) I am comfortable with. I also finished a short story that I want to publish soon.

I plan on working more on my art because this is really my first love. There is so much inspiration in my life and where I live and I will definitely share them here.

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