Thursday, December 29, 2011

Kulkami Summer Day 2011

Steven had to check out some equipment in their family farm. It was a great chance for me to take photos again of this peaceful place.

Bees were flying around the property. Dozens of colonies can be found in the sheds and inside the house. I was lucky enough to witness a bee getting mauled by an army of ants.

The sun was golden as it started its slumber and as it woke us up in the morning. Its light, together with the ample amount of rain we received all year round, nourished flowers and weeds around the property.

But water and light also ate away the numerous abandoned machines. Plants have taken over and seemed to make tons of metal and rubber part of them.
a massacre

the biggest honeycomb in the world

bush for an engine

automotives are good fertilizers
Mary had a little lamb

the sun starting to do its job
I will tell you about what happened at night on the next post.

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