Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Meeting Carlos Celdran

I have been to Intramuros countless of times. Steven has been there last year. Why did I go there again during my latest trip to Manila?
Carlos Celdran.
I have heard about Carlos long before emigrated from the Philippines in 2006 but my admiration blossomed when he made a very unique protest last year. He did not like the Catholic Church's stance on the Reproductive Health bill which will help our fellow Filipinos to better manage the size of their families.
I was beyond ecstatic when I saw him. I wanted to tell him that I believe that he will be an important part of history. I wanted to thank him for waking us Filipinos from apathy towards the church's abuse of its power and influence.
I wanted to scream and hug him but I didn't. I only settled for a photo with him.

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