Sunday, January 23, 2011

Food Trip/Guilt

I am fat. No, I am not denying it. I was 64 kilos right before moving to Adelaide in 2008. Last month, I was 70 kilos. Right after our plane landed in Adelaide last week, I weighed 72 kilos.
I admit I have been very lazy working harder in the gym. I seldom push myself to the limits anymore.

I have also been less careful of the things I put in my mouth and my time in Manila last Christmas holidays made things worse. I just had to eat everytime I see something I miss or something that is new.

One night in Singapore was spent eating anything exotic--genuine Chinese congee, Singaporean seafood soups, fish cakes, etc. I felt I had to make the most of my very limited time there.
My friend Dinah took us to a Korean restaurant near Rockwell. I scoffed several pounds of veggies. Though it was healthy, I think I just ate way too much--enough to feed an entire family.
But the most delicious shit I found during this trip came from Laguna. It is Lety's Buko Pie. It is the best version of the classic young coconut pastry I have ever had. It oozed with very soft sweet coconut meat covered in delectably crumbly crust.

As you can see, I have done so much damage on my body and I want to go back to this figure. This is one of the last photos I have taken of myself in Bangkok three years ago. Do you think I can go back to 64 kilos by the middle of 2011?


HRD said...

You can definitely get back to that weight if you resist sweet temptations like Lety's Buko Pie. =D Although I'm not partial to anything with coconuts unless smothered in chocolate, that pie looks mighty delicious.

BTW, nice abs. =)

Dexter Mejia said...

Thanks HRD!

I wish I had that confidence in myself. Or I wish I were stronger to resist buko pies--you really have to try them!

Anonymous said...

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