Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bagging South Australia

I have lived in three different cities already and sadly, my birthplace is the dirtiest. Grey skies greet any newcomer upon landing. Your throat and your eyes will burn upon setting foot out of the ridiculously small airport.

Filipinos and the local businesses are trying to change though. There are days when you have to bring your own shopping bags. I have also discovered that most of the shopping bags right now are degradable.

I know it takes several months to completely break down one plastic bag but at least it is one step towards environmental sensitivity.
South Australia has already banned the use of plastic bags in many businesses (except for video shops, department stores, meat shops, etc.) but I am sure all SA businesses can afford to use degradable bags alongside recyclable ones. I usually do not know what to do with my huge heap of plastic bags at home.

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