Sunday, January 2, 2011

Having An Affair

I bought my first high definition TV a few months ago and my partner can testify that I am having an affair with it. It seems I cannot live without it. I spend so many hours with it. I even think of it while I lay in bed with my partner.

Our Samsung LA40C650 just makes everything fucking brilliant. My blu ray movies appear three-dimensional because the computer in the TV produces images in a very fast manner. TV shows look like they were shot with a handy cam because one can even notice the imperfections of the cameraman's hands. Youtube videos also look very clear as they are streamed directly on to the TV itself.
Nowadays, it is a pain visiting other people's homes as many of the people we know still have CRTs. They flicker a lot and are just too small. Yes, I am a size queen!

Airplane monitors are the worst. They are way too dark and the definition is all over the place. It feels like I am wasting my time trying to decipher what I am looking at--is that King Kong or a man in an ape suit or is that a black brush with limbs?

I am sure I am not alone. High-definition TVs are changing our standard of how TV images should look like all the time.

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