Thursday, April 8, 2010

Priests Are Glorified Paid Pedophiles

Roseanne Barr wrote recently that children should not be allowed to go to church because they are at risk of being molested by priests. In fact, parents should lose custody of their children if they do so.

It sounds extreme but I believe she has a very strong point. Churches do not have any structure that protects children from molestation. Priests are always entrusted with children and people are not allowed to question their authority. To do so is considered criticizing god himself.
Priests who are accused of molesting children are simply assigned to a different location. Just imagine the embarassment and the shame that the victim's family have to experience for the rest of their lives. Imagine also how broken these children will be because they have been taught by the church that the horrible experiences are their fault.
If you are a parent then please do not take your children to church. If you are a parent then please do not enroll your children to a Christian-based school. Please spare them.

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