Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I am for Dick Gordon

In a few weeks, millions of Filipinos will be in the polls to vote for their president. Unfortunately, I will not be part of it as I am not a registered voter at the Philippine Embassy yet. It does not stop me from campaigning for who I think will be the best person to run the country.

Richard "Dick" Gordon became popular when he became the chair person of the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority. The US Army had just left the base and the whole country doubted that Olongapo City would survive as they were dependent on the money being spent by the US soldiers.

The whole city did not only survive but also prospered. Because of Gordon's determination and charisma, thousands volunteered and cleaned up the whole city. It became a major tourist destination and was able to open the local airport to local and international flights.

I am quite sure that Gordon can infect many Filipinos with his optimism. We can rise from this very difficult situation.

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