Friday, April 16, 2010

Gay, Fun and Sober (re-launch)

Two years ago, I was heart-broken and directed that energy on something productive. I put up the blog Gay, Fun and Sober ( to show to gay people, especially the young ones, that they can have a full and fun life without the aid of any substances.

I am sad that so many young gay guys are resorting to drugs and alcohol so that they can have a memorable night with friends. Some also take these substances because they think it is going to improve their sex lives.

Once you go down that path, it will be hard to get out of it. And you will lose some of the best guys/girls in the world in that process.

If you agree on everything that I have said here then please talk to me ( You can write about your favorite gay hot spots, send photos of you and your friends or even share your love story.

This life is so good!

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