Monday, August 3, 2009

Adelaide National Day for Action for Same-Sex Marriage

Last Saturday (1 August 2009), Steven and I attended a gathering of gays and lesbians at our local parliament to support same sex marriage in Australia. It was a last minute decision because I thought people are not interested here. I almost forgot that South Australia is the country's leader in gay issues.

It was 11 AM and we saw around 200 people at the steps of the parliament house. There were men and women and many of them are young. In fact, I think most of them are even younger than I am. I also saw some kids who are happily enjoying the festive atmosphere.

I was disappointed that we did not see any of our gay friends. Maybe, our friends are not really interested in legal rights of gay couples. Or maybe, they do not see themselves getting married to their partners.

There were three local politicians who joined the event and one of which is a straight married man. For me, it is very strange to see straight men visibly supporting the rights of gay men and women.

Steven and I will definitely get married when given a chance.

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