Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bruno (movie)

Steven and I watched "Borat" a few days before watching this one so that he would have an idea of how far Sacha Baron Cohen would go to make people laugh. But then I was not prepared to what I have seen.

This is not a movie to be seen by anyone who has a shred of conservatism in his blood. It is sexually explicit and very graphic. If you think having sex with a ghost is not possible then you should think again.

Compared to "Borat", "Bruno" does not have a direction. It does not have a clear ending and it seems to go from another stunt to another. But don't get me wrong--"Bruno" is a lot funnier.

Sacha deserves a commendation because he is really convincing as a gay fashionista. He has researched on this character very well. Though his German is not that good, Sacha is really really funny.

Of course, this is still funny on DVD but the energy inside the cinema makes it even funnier. I do not know how Sacha will top this one.

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