Monday, July 6, 2009

Puking On A Date

Steven and I have the same idea of a perfect date--pigging out in a buffet which we did last night. We just love stuffing our mouths and I guess that will give you an idea of how we would look when we get old.

We went to Charlie's Diner and we had some pseudo-Asian food like Hokkien noodles, tempura, spicy beef casserole, prawn crackers, etc. They also have a spread of Western meat dishes like lamb's fry, steaks, and mashed potatoes. There were also some sinful desserts like pavlova and chocolate pudding.

I could barely walk but we were able to leave the restaurant. In the carpark, I told Steven that I was so stuffed that I could throw up. He did not believe until he saw me heaving my stomach on the street. I saw and tasted the last two trips I had.

I am sure people passing by thought that I had too much to drink but I had too much to eat.

By the way, Steven ate twice the amount that I did and yet he was OK.


Kerry said...

Charlies Diner is awful. Every dish tastes the same.
Whether it be pork-chicken-seafood etc. the flavors are all the same.
Give me a real Asian restaurant anytime.
But yes Charlies is a good place to pig out. What a waste Dexter!!!!

Dexter Mejia said...

The only waste is the food that I left on the carpark. I just hope that a stray dog passed by and licked it up.