Sunday, July 26, 2009

Singapore Airlines (Manila to Adelaide)

The price was really tempting and I thought I would have less quality than Qantas since Qantas is more expensive than Singapore Airlines. But I was dead wrong. Singapore Airlines is much much much better than Qantas.

In my confirmation letter, I was encouraged to check in and print my boarding pass online. I did not have a printer in Manila so I was only able to check in but it was OK. I was given priority at the airport just because I checked in online.

The economy seats were roomier and they were well-maintained. I was lucky to be able to stretch myself as I was a few rows away from other occupied seats. I had cocktails (mixed on the plane) and much wider variety of movies.

Then we landed in Changi Airport. That place is amazing. It is high-tech but it is not in your face. It is big but not excessive. It has trams, automatic water fountains and machines that massage the passengers' legs for free.

After that, I had to board for my flight to Adelaide and Singapore Airlines did not ask me to pick up my luggage and transfer to another terminal (hello Qantas!). To my surprise, I was upgraded to business class!

There is a huge difference between economy and business. I had huge a huge widescreen monitor and seats that go as flat as a bed. The staff are very attentive--I had a problem with my seat and it took them 20 seconds to come to my aid. The food was fantastic--chicken and lamb satay!

Best of all, we arrived earlier than scheduled (hello Qantas!). It is good to have this major airline travelling direct to Adelaide (hello Qantas!)


Anonymous said...

Yes,you are 100% correct. I would rate Singapore airlines as one of the very best in customer service. Usually though, they cost a little more than the others. You got a good deal .

erwin said...

hi dexter.. erwin here.. im a filipino migrant who works for the state government.. i'm in the city.. i actually learned about you thru the bamboo adelaide website.. anyway glad to know about the singapore airlines flight to manila from adelaide... do you have to stay overnight in singapore to get the manila connection? cheers :)

Dexter Mejia said...

hi erwin,

thanks for the comment. yes, you have to stay overnight in singapore. SIA is a very nice airline.


erwin said...

hi dexter

just curious about staying overnight in singapore. that's not part of the fare i suppose? anyway are you a permanent resident here already? i'm on a temporary resident visa but will hopefully be able to have a permanent one by next year... marami ka bang kilalang pinoy? i bet you know bong... and there's also another pinoy in bamboo adelaide.. kalimutan ko lang name nya.. :) anyway take care...

Dexter Mejia said...

I know a few filipinos here only and bong is one of them. what is the name of the other filipino?

I can answer your other questions by email. My address is