Sunday, August 9, 2009

Dexter's 31

I write this over and over again: I do not like celebrating my birthday because I just do not want to be disappointed.

But then I am always surrounded by people who appreciate who I am. Peter in Canberra and my mother sends me cards every year. Bob Chopp showered me with gifts while I was still living in Bangkok. Other friends sent me various messages online.

I think the period of having low expectations is over. I am practically married so I have to let my partner make me happy.

Steven and I went to the city and had some Asian food. It is the type that you pay some money, get a plate and shovel as much food as you can on your plate. It does not matter that they are all mixed on your plate because you will think that they will be mixed in your tummy anyway. Steven and I like eating this way.

After a heavy meal, we walked around the city.

My life right now is so much simpler but I am really happy. Thanks to all of my friends for bearing with the Scrooge in me.

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