Friday, March 27, 2009

The Bubble (movie)

I was with my Israeli friend Rotem the first time I watched this one. She bought a pirated DVD in Israel and we played it in Bangkok. It did not have any subtitles so she had to translate it to English for me. Unfortunately, some of the lines are in Arabic so both of us did not understand some parts of the movie. This is why this is my first to watch the movie while understanding it entirely. Thank you SBS!

"Bubble" is a love story that happened at the wrong time, at the wrong place with the wrong pair. It is set in Palestine and Israel where a group of young people are trying to make a change. I hate to spoil the fun but it really does not present anything positive. It is an extremely sad story and there is only one thing positive about it and it is the love that the characters have for one another.

The plot is really really good and it is intertwined with another movie/play I like--"Bent". That other piece is used skillfully in the movie. The actors are also superb, especially Yousef 'Joe' Sweid as Ashraf . He is just extremely believable.

Many of the concepts in the movie is hard to comprehend for people who do not know the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. For anyone who wants to watch it, they have to do some research on the tension there.

This movie is memorable because it does not make anything simple. Every relationship that the characters have is complicated. It will not sugar coat. It will not make life appear easy. It is just real.

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