Sunday, March 8, 2009

Port Vincent in Yorke Peninsula

It was a long weekend so Steven and I planned a few things to do. One of which is a trip to Port Vincent with our friends, Rowie and William.

Steven and I woke up very early to pick up Rowie and William. As expected, the trip started with a lot of blabbering and gossips. We had not been together for quite a while so we updated each other on things that are happening in our lives.

Afterwards, we saw Steven's family in a caravan park. I am still grasping the concept behind this activity: people drive their caravans to a caravan park to be with other people and caravans.

But then the place is magnificent. Port Vincent in Yorke Peninsula is huge. One can see a huge expanse of sand and shallow water. One can literally see that the earth is not flat.

I was told that a person needs only a rake and a bucket to catch some crabs. So Steven and I are planning to go back next year and live on seafood for one week. I am already very excited.

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