Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Boyet Fajardo Scandal

I know that there has been tons of blog entries on this matter but I want to have my own say. Besides, I have a different "viewership" from those other blogs.

These are the events so far (please click the blue text to take you to other websites/blogs):

13 March 2009- Boyet Fajardo went to Duty Free shop in Manila to buy some chocolates. He did not sign his credit card so he was asked by the cashier to show another ID card with a signature and picture on it. He was able to produce some identification but all of them do not have signatures.

Boyet Fajardo claimed that he is a popular person and the people at the shop are worthless. He cussed at them and asked them to either kneel in front of him or let him slap them on their faces. The cashier chose to kneel in front of him as Boyet still cussed at him.

14 March 2009- a blog site was opened revealing the details of that infamous Friday the 13th scandal. Since then, thousands of bloggers and blog-followers have expressed their disgust on what happened and called for a boycott of Fajardo's products.

19 March 2009- another blog published the video of the incident which was caught on CCTV. Since then, other blog writers have picked up the story and spread the word. Boyet Fajardo's website was down for a few days and I think it is because somebody hacked it.

24 March 2009- Fajardo's spokesperson said that his client is apologising for what happened. It was only a creative outburst More people got angrier because of this statement.

The Duty Free Employees' Union's president told the media that they are going to lodge a complaint against the 28-year old designer at the Commission of Human Rights.

That night, Fajardo appeared on the news in tears and apologised to the cashier whose name he could not say right. And so the story goes on...


So what can we learn from this story? Simple--leave your S&M fantasies in the bedroom.

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