Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Loving Adelaide Trains

I used to live in Manila and Bangkok--big cities with really bad traffic. It is undeniable that both of them have comprehensive and wide public transport systems. They have buses, trains, and the local tuktuks and jeepneys and many others.

I live in Adelaide now where the population is only a teeny weeny fraction of what Bangkok and Manila have. That means there is not a huge "market" here for a public transport system that is as big as the two cities I mentioned previously.

Unfortunately, I do not know how to drive.

I depend a lot on my partner to take me to places where I need to go but he has a full-time job. And I am a full-time student so I need to leave our unit almost everyday.

During the first few months, I had been taking buses. They are fucking slow and almost always late. Sometimes, they are 10 minutes late. Sometimes, the bus I am waiting for do not come at all.

A week ago, I made a new discovery: the Adelaide trains. They are on time and if they are late, it is only for 2 minutes. The closest (Alberton) station is an 8-minute walk from our unit. It is the same distance between my old Thai apartment and the Chong Nonsi station in Bangkok.

Plus traffic won't be a problem and I can read better because it is really smooth. I just wish that the crowds in Adelaide trains were as tight as the ones in Manila.

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