Sunday, April 5, 2009

Karoonda Farm Fair 2009

There are so many things right now that I do not expect that I will experience. I am not talking about my career direction. I am talking about my exposure to Australian country life. I am a true blue city mouse and everything changed when I shacked with a true blue country mouse.

Anyway, there was the Karoonda Farm Fair 3-4 April. I really did not expect anything but to see tractors and sheep. Well, I did see tons of them but I did not expect that there would be different kinds. I thought the only varieties of sheep were the black ones and the white ones. I did not know that even the white ones have different breeds. I was able to pat the rams but the ewes probably sensed that I love slapping them on the barby.

I was amazed to watch some sheepdog demonstrations. Those dogs must be very intelligent to be able to execute some very complicated herding techniques. I thought it was just barking and running around. Being a sheepdog involves calculations, agility and obedience.

I was also introduced to a platform where cars board on. Then, these huge planks of wood take the cars to the other side of the river.

Finally, I witnessed a real sheep-shearing competition. I have to inform all of my men-crazed readers--it is not as sexy as we thought. Most sheep-shearers are not muscular and handsome lads. Many of them are overweight and very unkempt. I should have let my fantasies come untouched. What a disappointment!

I hope you enjoy the videos and photos.

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