Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Perfume (2-disc DVD)

I have to buy another DVD of this movie. The one released here in Thailand was desecrated. The censors have blurred out the sex scenes and the nude scenes. Even bodies of dead people were blurred out.

It is a shame because this DVD release has a very high bit rate. The sound is also awesome. It was very very clear and the blurred scenes ruined everything.

The movie is still very powerful. Ben Whishaw is convincing as a wolf in sheep's clothing. Dustin Hoffman is also effective as a failed artist. Their performances are layered and truthful.

The extras were good but I wish they showed more videos. They only have interviews of the actors and the production crew. It is a classic example of "show don't tell".

It would be nice to have a DVD of this movie for Christmas. Hint hint!

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patrick said...

Perfume was decently well made in general, the character building is great, original cinematography... it says a lot about human nature as well.