Friday, November 23, 2007

Floating Market Dumnoen Saduak

Thanks P for taking me to this very different experience.

The market was new to me so it was thrilling. It is disappointing that the locals are only doing this for the tourists as the Thais are not interested in floating markets anymore.

The price are set very very high even higher than in Bangkok. The items are no different from the ones being sold in the capital.

Well, if you have some bucks to spare and you want to kill time, a floating market is a good place to go to.

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Adam4Adam said...

Something to enjoy once..I think it is perfectly OK to enjoy this activity once especially if this is your first visit in Thailand. It is relatively smooth 90min cab ride to the market. REMEMBER: if you have seen it on Discovery Chanel it is a thing of the past. Nowadays it is nothing what it used to be. You are herded to trivial...