Friday, November 2, 2007

Ludovic Cazeba (photo exhibit at the Bed Supper Club)

Thanks to Peter and Christian for inviting me to this opening.

It is the first time I consciously made myself look presentable for an art exhibition. Back in Manila, I would not care about how I look. I always thought that people go to art exhibitions not to get noticed but for them to notice the art. Apparently, it is different here in Bangkok. So I put on one inch of face powder.

I am sorry but I have to write something about Bed Supper Club first. It is beautiful and stylish but it is not practical. I hope they pay their janitors a lot of money for keeping the interiors white and clean. Goodness, the floors, the tables and the beds (that served as seats) were all white! I thought I was in a hospital with disco lights.

Anyway, the photographs were nice and I could see that it took a long time for the artist to compose the shots. It was actually hard to appreciate the pieces because the bar/restaurant is far from a perfect place for an exhibition. It was too dark and one needed to climb on the bed and crawl towards the pieces to appreciate the work.

I really wish I could see these pieces again and I hope they will be under better light.

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