Saturday, August 4, 2007

My Right Nostril is 29 years old

I looked in the mirror and saw two strands of grey nose hair. Two years ago, there was only one but I am not complaining. I just hope that they stay there. I do not want to have grey hair on my head.

Aaaah! I am turning 29! I want to be 17! Where is Peter Pan? Please take me to Never-land. Oh fuck--I am not asking for Michael Jackson.

Only my close friends can answer if I have grown wiser. Birthdays suck!

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jimmy2 said...

Dexxy I Wish you the best for your Birthday, WoW your only 29, woo hoo I remember when u were only !!!! :)

Time does fly when your having fun. You have grown a lot over the years but there are still many more wonderful years ahead of you that you cannot even see, so just relax take your time and enjoy the present, cause sooner or later you will be counting more than 2 grey hairs in ur nose along w/ all the ones on your head he he.

Be kind to yourself and enjoy

See ya soon