Monday, August 20, 2007

Muriel's Wedding (Platinum Edition DVD)

Success is the best revenge.

I do not believe in this. I do not care anymore what people say or think. But I still love this movie.

There is one thing that I miss in Manila's gay discos--Abba! I have not heard any Abba song here in Bangkok. There are so many Western gay men here and yet the campiest of all singing groups are not played.

"Muriel's Wedding" is very Aussie and very funny. It is heartwarming to see people struggle but not in a very serious movie. The story is still appealing and the characters are still lovely.

The stars looked so young in this movie. I could not believe that Toni Collette was only 21 years old in that movie. Rachel Griffiths looked like a schoolgirl.

This DVD is loaded with nostalgic extras including a commentary track of the director and of the lead actress but it is not enough. I want audition tapes, out-takes and deleted scenes. Hollywood movies would actually have at least two discs for a 10-year anniversary release like this. I should check out the Region 1 version.

Thanks Peter for the DVD.

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