Sunday, April 22, 2007

Songkran 2007

I asked so many people about Songkran but it is very different from what was formed in my mind with their descriptions. Kao San Road was full of adolescents both Thai and foreign. Some lost their patience easily as they were drugged or drunk. Silom Road was full of teenagers who are just trying to have a good time with their friends minus legal and illegal substances.

I actually had more fun with the teenagers because they were there not to impress anyone but just to have fun. It felt a bit uncomfortable at first being physical with the teeners but then they put no malice on what they were doing. It felt great seeing the people cringe with the ice-cold water I threw/sprayed at them.

Unfortunately, I have no good pictures of what happened. This one was taken at my window on Silom Soi 6.

This set was taken on Koh Samet.

This is the best new year's celebration I have witnessed so far in my life. I might be back next year.

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