Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Six Feet Under: Season One (DVD)

I cannot count anymore how many of my friends have recommended this TV series. They know that I am morbid and that I love so many things about death and what comes after it.

So I flew to Manila and purchased the first four seasons of "Six Feet Under". Fortunately, they only cost around 700 pesos per season so it was very easy to collect. And for the past week, I have been trying to finish it.

It is refreshing to see a theme like this on TV. It is not expensive to produce compared to other HBO series but it is equally entertaining. I love how this family struggle to understand death even if they are surrounded by it.

The actors are good but not everyone is exceptional. I was surprised to learn that Rachel Griffiths (Bren) is an Aussie. But the most noteable performance is Lauren Ambrose's (as Claire) because she is so real and does not stereotype her character (unlike Michael Hall as David ). I can see the sincerity in Lauren's eyes. I am sure you have read this before but not many actors have this trait. They lose it once they act.

I cannot wait to start the second season.

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