Saturday, April 21, 2007

Missed Mike

Mike is a Bern-born (Swiss) Canadian who lives in Ontario. I met him in Koh Samet while he was spending a vacation with his girlfriend and the latter's parents.

Right from the start, I knew he was gay. Right from the start, I knew he wanted me. But I ignored all his stares and all his advances because I was too insecure. I felt that he was trapped but I was intimidated by his beauty. How can a beautiful guy like him have any interest in being with a very ordinary man like me?

I regret ignoring all the signs. I regret being very insecure. And now I am stuck with statements of "could've, should've, would've".

This is a pic of the first and the last place I have seen him. Maybe I won't see him again. But life is always full of surprises.

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