Friday, January 26, 2007

Carnivale (2nd Season)

I am so sad to finish the second series of Carnivale because I know that HBO has dropped the third series. The magical story is not finished yet and I do not think a movie can finish the whole story (a movie cannot start with the ending of a TV series).

It is very obvious in the audio commentaries that the cast and crew are very upset with HBO's decision.

Unfortunately, there are not that many fans of "Carnivale" so the final story might not really be finished. I feel like I am reading a wonderful novel and I spilled some cranberry juice on the last page rendering it unreadable.

On this second series, I was very impressed with Clea Duvall's portrayal of a person who wants to escape what she is. I was also impressed with Amy Madigan's insane yet logical Iris. She has really made incest very sickening.

Well, I am still keeping my fingers crossed that I will see the final season of this TV series.

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