Sunday, January 21, 2007

Carnivale (1st Season)

This is one TV series that I am proud to have on DVD. The story is very powerful although it is not something new. It is just presented in a new way.

All the actors are amazing. I do not know how the casting director was able to get such great talents who are very suitable for their roles. Even the smallest actors are unforgettable.

One main difference between the DVD and the HBO Asia broadcast is I get to see more of the Dreifuss family (the cootchie dancers). No episode is without nudity because of them. I must say though that all the nude scenes are tastefully done and they are all very beautiful.

I do not like the commentary tracks that much though because the creator and directors just sat down and admire their work. They do not give much information about how they created the episodes.

I am so sad that HBO will not come up with the third season of this series. We have yet to see the great battle between good and evil.

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