Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Institutionalized Racism

Caucasian children in Australia are taught very early the game "Spot the Aussie". It involves being in a public place or even watching TV and picking out how many white people are in a crowd. Of course, it operates in the premise that if you do not have white skin then you are not an Aussie.

There are also terms that are widely used by the media and "respected" celebrities like "pom", "wog", "curry muncher", "yank" and so many other words that are unsavory to mention here. Would you believe that Australian people actually find it funny to make racist statements? And if you protest then that means you do not understand Australian humor.

My biggest frustration right now is the Prime Minster's refusal to be politically correct when discussing refugee issues. Political and war refugees are persecuted in their countries of origin because they are different from the ruling group of people. How can this discussion on refugees progress if we do not consider political correctness?

I have big hopes for this country and I am sure we will get over this. I am afraid though that the truly multicultural Australia will not be seen in my lifetime.


tom walsh said...

Interesting thoughts; however, Australia is not alone in its insensitivity (nice way of putting it). cheers

Anonymous said...

Australian's don't find it funny to make racists comments and never have. Your mixing two issues here that doesn't make sense. I've never seen or heard of the game, "Spot the Aussie" and I have been in Australia all of my life. Remember that Australia was the forefront in migration intake in 50's and 60's from Greece & Italy and then in the 70's from the Philipines and it has continued on since from the 80's, inviting various Asian cultures to resettle here, including Thailand. We have been the forefront of promoting multi-cultre across the board so I think it is hardly fair to say that we find their existence, humorous. Of course, the same migrants have gone to great pains to label us as well with various names but as true blooded citizens of Australia, we accepted it. As for Julie Gillard applying political correctness, she has a tough job to do, and I think we need to give her a bit more leeway, before passing judgment on what she should be doing. And that is my thoughts for today.

Anonymous said...

I guess it is a case of a person who has spent just months in his adopted country of choice, to not yet fully understand the culture he has chosen to come to.
Frankly it is absolute bullshit to say the at an early age white Aussies are taught to "spot the Aussie". Where Dexter got this crap from is anybody's guess. But as is usual, he has plenty of throw away lines with no substance whatsoever.
He has a really nice partner who is as white Aussie as they come. I wonder if Dexter has ever discussed this crap with him.
Australia has welcomed people from virtually every nation on the planet.
All that we ask, is that they too become Australian. Australia is not white-black-yellow-brown. It is a great mix of all the peoples on earth. Most choose to enjoy their adopted country. Just a few find fault in everything. Those people are the ones to be pitied. For they will never be happy wherever they choose to live. They were not even happy in their country of birth. Sad really!

Anonymous said...

go home Dexter!

Anonymous said...

See, I do not know you and after reading what you have to say, I am not fond of going to know you. Australia needs its immigrants. I am proud of Australia to be so multicultural but the one thing we don't need is people like you. Peole who are getting over sensitive when they snap up sum shit about racist games, which I am sure 99,9% of the oz population have never even heard of. Nobody is forcing you to stay here but for crying out loud - stop complaining and stop pretending to have the knowledge to make such statements. Do your research first before you rape your keyboard.

Anonymous said...

self righteous as always, Dexter.

Anonymous said...

My biggest frustration right now is the Prime Minster's refusal to be politically correct when discussing refugee issues.

It may be your biggest frustration, but the refugee situation is my biggest one! Under the international treaty that we are signatories to, a person must seek refuge in the first safe country they come to... NOT sail into their country of choice after having paid people smugglers, knowing that they are trying to get into here illegally.

Kezzer said...

Dexter, you are losing the plot.
Why don't your beloved refugees head for Manila. It's much closer you know for safe haven. Isn't that what refugee status is all about? Or then of course there is India, and numerous countries close by which could offer safe haven. But Aussie is seen as a soft target, full of white Australians who welcome people from all over the world and have done so for 50 years or more. We are a nation of immigrants.
Unfortunately, a few like your good self, can find nothing but fault in everything this country of your CHOICE has to offer.
Go Home mate! Manila beckons you. And no doubt DIMA are not impressed either.

Anonymous said...

You're full of crap Dex, stop f****** whinging and crying about racism, go back home and find the faults in your own country.

Anonymous said...


You should be ashamed of yourself.

Australia has welcomed and adopted you with open arms,allowed you to live with your bf,is teaching you how to drive,gave you a job and yet here you are bad-mouthing those who have been so kind to you.

Do you not realise how lucky you are?

You should be thankful.